Selection Process

Communities across Scotland can comment on, and vote for, proposals for Riverwoods projects!

Groups who have submitted proposals can engage with communities through comments.

An indication of the overall strength of each applications against the criteria has now been provided by the Award Panel for Voters to consider. Voters can vote or amend their existing votes in light of this information right up to the newly extended December 4th midnight deadline. That is, you can still vote on Sunday 4th but voting will be closed from Monday 5th December.

View this information here Panel's initial evaluation scores (

The Awards Panel will consider the community votes, and the criteria, and will make a final decision on four to five projects to put forward to the next stage.


Projects which are successful at this stage will then be awarded up to £5000 to develop a business plan, with support from a team of experts, as part of the Pioneers application process.


The Award Panel

The panel consists of the following people as representatives of the organising partners behind the Riverwoods Pioneers initiative:

Ruchir Shah, Scottish Wildlife Trust,

Nicola Melville, Scottish Environment Protection Agency,

Simon Wightman, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation (the funder)

Dan Hird (expert advisor for the project on behalf of Esmee Fairbairn Foundation)

Pandora Ellis, Democratic Society