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Riverwoods 'Investment Readiness' Pioneers


The Riverwoods ‘Investment Readiness’ Pioneers is an opportunity for local people to develop proposals to restore river woodlands in Scotland. 

The aim is to create a Scotland-wide initiative to create a network of thriving riverbank woodlands and healthy river systems across Scotland.

We are keen that the general public and communities are closely involved, bringing local knowledge and ideas to new (and existing) partnerships with land managers, businesses and policy makers. We’ve been working to help communities and partners to develop proposals that have the potential to attract further funding.

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Submitting a Proposal


1 - Fill in the Application Form

Use the Guide to Submitting a Proposal to help you complete the PDF Application Form

2 - Create a proposal in CONSUL

Upload your application. If selected at this stage you will have access to a bursary of up to £5000 to develop your proposal into a business plan.

3 - Required Fields

Add the title or your project and use the "Description" box to copy and paste your "Project in a Nutshell".

4 - Optional Fields

Please attach your PDF Application as a document, outlining how your proposal meets the Riverwoods 'Investment Readiness' Pioneers criteria.

5 - Map Location

Mark where you intend to deliver your project.

6 - Create Investment

Once your proposal has been submitted, you will still be able to log in and continue to edit.

Click here for the Guide to Submit a Proposal and Application Page

Checking Proposals against Criteria


Our expert panel will review all applications to ensure projects meet all relevant criteria:

  1. Technical feasibility
  2. Commercial potential
  3. Engagement with community
  4. Partnership potential
  5. Public and environmental benefit
  6. Right intervention in the right place
  7. Additionality to statutory responsibilities

For more details on these criteria please visit the Guide to submitting proposals on the Riverwoods website 

Public Selection Process


Communities across Scotland can comment on, and vote for, proposals for Riverwoods projects!

Groups who have submitted proposals can engage with communities through comments.

An indication of the overall strength of each applications against the criteria has now been provided by the Award Panel for Voters to consider. Voters can vote or amend their existing votes in light of this information right up to the newly extended December 4th midnight deadline. That is, you can still vote on Sunday 4th but voting will be closed from Monday 5th December.

View the Panel's initial evaluation scores

View more about the Award Panel and selection process here Selection Process

Look through all the proposals and vote now!

Reviewing voting


Announcing Results


The Panel has met and reviewed the results of the public votes alongside its inital evaluation and selected the following projects.

Each of the following projects will be offered £4000 each out of our total pool of £20000 to further develop their Riverwoods Pioneers proposals:

  • Annan Riparian Restoration Network

  • Upper Tay Catchment Communities

  • Glenfalloch Nature Restoration

  • Don’t let Balloch Castle Country Part Sink

  • The River Ericht Catchment Regeneration Initiative


The chart on the right (sorry for the size of the text) indicates how the votes informed the final selection.

  • Votes from the general public were used to position the projects on the y scale
  • The Award Panel's initial evaluation was be used to fit projects on x scale.
  • Final selection by the panel was based on a discussion balancing the votes with the panel's evaluations.

Riverwoods 'Investment Readiness' Pioneers

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Riverwoods Pioneers

Help with participatory budgets

With the participatory budgets the citizens decide to which projects is destined a part of the budget.